Maths reflection

What I achieved in maths this week? This week I achieved to run a successful workshop with Angus and Conall. What workshop did I attend. I did not attend a workshop but I ran a successful workshop. What new concepts and/or stratagies did I learn. While I was working with Angus and Conall, we found […]

100 word challenge

“Whoa lookout Ned!” Jack yelled at the top of his lungs as he pointed to the pouncing tiger. “Where is he, I can’t see it.”Ned said while looking all over the jungle area. Suddenly they heard a loud screech   behind them. “Roaaaar.” The tiger got angry at the two boys. “How did this tiger even […]


Things I learnt I learnt what grooming meant. It means someone older than you are and is pretending to be someone else. I also learnt that you should always keep your password safe but your best friends can see your profile.

Mission day questions

1- The reason why we celebrate mission day is to raise money to help the poor in Vietnam. By donating the money, the poor can get a better life, a better education, more shelter and better clothes. 2- The messages I would connect between mission day and St Therese is that they both want to […]

Big Idea Reflection

I think my workshop went really well because the people in my workshop were listening to what I was saying and they didn’t get distracted. We got lots of information. I think my information was very interesting and detailed. Next time I should improve on having a back up plan if my partner is not here, […]

Book review

Book review picture story book I enjoy reading picture story books because they take me back to my early school years. When I was young my favourite picture story book was called the very hungry caterpillar. I don’t know why I liked this book but it was really entertaining when I was young. My favourite […]

Book review

Are you into adventure and disastrous action? Yes because action and adventure excites me. My good fit book is called Taj and the great camel trek. I like this book it’s full of adventure and disasters. This book is about a boy named Taj, and he wants to travel through the Australian desert with his […]